Birdfeeder and Vessel made with gourds by Laurie
I'm not outta my gourd... i'm just a fan of art..... I didn't know I was an artist, I'm still not comfortable with the title. But I'm making art. I'm working with gourds, making birdfeeders, musical instruments, vessels, masks and I'm making these items as well as paintings such as the one on the fan in my studio. I never thought I would have a studio.... it feels good and relaxes me. I have given some as gifts, sold some and donated some to worthy causes. I am also playing music in the form of drum jams with friends and a group of ukulele players that have performed together in public a few times. Me a musician?... I guess so.
Laurie in her studio....
The Monarch Fan, painted by Laurie, was popular when the bidding started at the Turtle Days Tea it helped raise money for Sea Turtle Inc.
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